In the midst of business development, customer relations are commonly overlooked. However, cultivating an understanding of your customer’s needs can give you the opportunity to connect through your product/service, enhance customer loyalty, build a larger audience, and achieve your business goals. Optimizing customer experience can be tricky. But by following these five tips, you’ll discover customer insights, align your marketing strategy, and grow your business:


Optimize User Experience with AB Testing


  • AB testing allows you to compare different versions of landing pages, emails, and more in a trial run designed to inform you on which version performs best for conversion. Fine-tune your content, experiment with CTAs, and figure out how to optimize your marketing strategy to connect with customers.


Ask for Reviews and Testimonials


  • Customer reviews are crucial for boosting your brand image. Ask your customers to write a review after a purchase and provide them with a place on your website where they can leave a comment. Create an account on Yelp, Google, and other websites where businesses gain reviews. Or find engaging ways to present testimonials on your website like videos, quotes, or pictures displaying positive experiences with your brand.


Follow Up and Create Value


  • Customer relations don’t start and end with the sale. Keep in touch with your customers through email or phone to ask about their experience. Feedback can help you find value points for your service or product, as well as alert you to shortcomings your product/service may have. Provide them with extra value by sending them special deals and coupons. Or share blogs, videos, and other content that’s specific to their interests.


Develop Well-Rounded Personas


  • Your customers are more than a number. Empathize with their needs. Think about their life on a daily basis. Research their needs and design a persona where your products fit. Can they afford your product or service? Is what you have to offer relevant to their needs? The more information you have on your ideal targets, the easier it will be to connect to your audience. 


Use the Right Tech


  • While direct customer interaction is important, digital software and online platforms can be equally useful for fostering a relationship. For example, Google Analytics can help track customers landing page bounce rates, alerting you to pages that aren’t attracting customers or holding their attention. Deeper insights into your customer’s experience online can give you a pathway to designing an experience that answers their questions and attracts their attention.


Investing time and resources into customer relations will help keep your brand competitive. Customers are like brand advocates, spreading your message and value to a larger audience. Once you better understand your customers, it’ll be easier to provide an enriched user experience, grow roots for your business, and create a larger community surrounding your brand. 

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