The outdoors has always held a special place in our collective experience. For some, it’s a place of unceasing adventure, where uncharted territories reveal the world’s greatest mysteries. For others, it’s the biggest playground imaginable, where adrenaline junkies find big air and high speeds. It’s where stories and moments are shared, where friendships are made to stand the test of time. And for a few, the outdoors are a never-ending source of excitement, beauty, and inspiration. Regardless of your cause, the outdoors are a place of retreat for those with a spirit that can’t be contained. 


As Winter takes hold and 2020 kicks off, we recognize traversing the ever-evolving landscape of the outdoors industry can present brands with many challenges in business development, branding, and marketing. If you’re looking to grow your community of trailblazers, pow chasers, and outdoors enthusiasts, navigating the terrain of digital marketing calls for a team of Brand Champions that know what it takes to elevate your branding, carve your niche, and implement your strategy. 


Michael Doyle wrote the book on being a Brand Champion, sharing the personal experiences and challenges he faced taking brands from all walks to the next level. As the CEO of Brand Iron, a full-service marketing and branding house established in Denver, Colorado, Michael leads a collection of specialists dedicated to helping businesses create unique brand experiences that foster tangible results. 


Join him at the SIA Outdoor + Snow Show on Friday, January 31st, as he takes you through the 7 Secrets of a Brand Champion and uncover the tools you’ll need to create a strategy that positions your brand for optimal growth in 2020. 


Colorado Convention Center

700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202

Room 405

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

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