Real estate is an industry with intense competition, making a strong online presence a necessity. Here are some of the best strategies to help your agency stand out amongst other real estate companies:


Optimize Website Traffic


  • Buyers will scour the internet to find the best of the best. Update your website with a high-quality blog, mobile screen optimization, intuitive navigation, and a form fill for subscribers. People are naturally attracted to websites that are the easiest to browse and hold the most relevant information. Also, by gathering email addresses you can create a list of potential clients and reach out to further offer your company’s services. 


Prioritize Customer Service


  • Aside from the services you offer, personability goes a long way in making your company favorable to clients. It’s important to respond quickly and take the time to get to know individual clients. By fully understanding your clients’ needs, you will provide better service and be more likely to receive referrals. Don’t forget to follow up after the sale as well!


Choose a Unique Business Card


  • It’s pretty common for business cards to get stuck at the back of a wallet or the bottom of a purse. Create a business card your clients will want to keep in pristine condition. Try using rich colors or printing on a different material than usual. That way, if someone finds your business card a couple of months later, they won’t think twice about calling your company. 


Market with Social Media


  • Social media allows your company to get noticed by those who didn’t even know they wanted to buy a house. Decide on a few social media platforms to develop a memorable brand and promote your properties. It doesn’t hurt to pay for a few sponsored ads on social media, either. Remember that creating an online presence means more than establishing your website. 


Let Your Photos Tell a Story


  • Websites for real estate agencies are full of stock photos and impersonable branding. Take the extra step to hire a photographer or buy a better camera to elevate your brand name. Capture amazing photos of your listed houses and properties. Show the surrounding landscape. Display the neighborhood. Sell the customer experience and value through your photos. 


There are plenty of ways to set yourself apart from the competition. But developing a marketing plan and distinct brand are the most important. How can Brand Iron help you? Learn more.



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