Real estate is an industry that relies on the customer’s feelings throughout the buying process and in today’s age of digital marketing, there are a substantial amount of options that allow you to tailor a brand experience (BX) toward effectively highlighting your assets while meeting your customer’s needs. Go above and beyond for your community of partners, clients, and customers with these tips for creating a brand experience that feels like home.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy
A content strategy is an essential part of creating an experience for your online audience. Distributing content through different channels allows you to increase brand awareness and create an immersive experience for your audience with relevant information. Custom web pages can showcase your properties with virtual tours, photography, and videography. SEO blogs and landing pages allow you to express your authority in different areas of real estate. Social media profiles can give you the opportunity to flex your authority on what’s trending, launch a discussion with your audience, and share office culture. Emails let you tailor messages to the needs of specific audiences. And combining them all in a comprehensive strategy can make it that much easier to attract the right lead for your business.

Utilize Targeting and Analytics
Digital marketing platforms can provide you with a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide insight into your marketing efforts and allow you to adjust your strategy accordingly. An effective marketing campaign targets the most relevant audiences based on geographical area, interests, income bracket, behaviors, and other traits specific to their demographic. And quantifiable metrics like engagements, shares, click rates, and leads can help you measure the true value of your content so you can invest in the most effective strategies.

Manage Your Community and Generate Discussion
A marketing strategy should always consider the service you’re providing customers across all channels. Show your expertise by generating discussion and providing your online community with useful resources and valuable information. A social media presence can also help you increase brand awareness and manage your reputation. Reach out for feedback from customers, answer questions, and encourage people to share the brand experience you provided them.

Although digital marketing is an essential proponent of remaining in the forefront of your market space, establishing a sense of connection and community will be what creates your most valuable, cherished relationships. Digital channels are so much more than a way to communicate valuable information. They’re a way to show the personalities behind your business and form new relationships by sharing your passions. Most importantly, they make it easier to connect and bring us closer than ever, narrowing the gap of customer service so your business can make their life easier and more comfortable than before.

Define your brand and give your customers an experience that forges a lasting impression. Contact us today.