The Challenge

CRATIV is a Denver packaging company that provides unique, child-safe solutions for safe and sustainable cannabis storage. However, without a vision, they lacked the strategy and content to create a cohesive brand experience. Our mission was to help CRATIV cultivate a brand identity that championed cannabis with a new marketing strategy, branding, and an expanded digital presence.

CRATIV text logo on orange background with illustration of white flowers

Our Deliverables

  • Go-to-Market Planning

  • Sharpspring Implementation

  • Marketing Implementation
  • Brand Refresh

  • Updated Color Palette

  • Updated Messaging

  • Updated Graphics

  • Website Refresh

Their Results

Our team of specialists suggested a brand refresh with a particular focus on marketing automation. We utilized illustrated floral graphics and product renderings to create an upscale feel while showcasing their line of packaging products’ unique safety features, versatility, and commitment to the environment. We also pursued an aggressive and successful social media strategy that further extended CRATIV’s digital influence. With the assist from Brand Iron, CRATIV generated 526 new leads (a 60% increase in the sales pipeline), a significant increase in ROI, and they cemented their position as true Champions For Cannabis.

illustrated ad depicting a baby bear reaching for a cookie jar
image depicting the three different cases CRATIV makes
illustration of jungle leaves with smoke more joints written overtop
visual instructions for opening cannabis packaging
cannabis packaging ad depicting camping supplies
CRATIV text logo on orange background with illustration of white flowers

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