The Challenge

Bow River needed a uniquely versatile Brand that could be used to compellingly market each of their assets both separately and cohesively.

white bow river text logo on top of black and white photo of barn wood

Our Deliverables

  • Position for Acquisition

  • Cap Raise Deck

  • Client Video
  • Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
  • Management Presentation

  • Presentation Coaching

Our Solution

Brand Iron created an innovative and creative brand architecture and crafted comprehensive pitch decks for Bow River’s different funds. These decks were able to draw in potential investors by explaining Bow River in a way that was concise, engaging and exciting. In the end, Bow River greatly exceeded their funding expectations, raising $500M in outside capital.

digital rendering of business card examples
digital rendering of a capital raise deck
digital rendering of a capital raise deck

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