The Challenge

Baseline Hardware is an investment company that works with Hardware as a Service (HaaS) businesses, financing the hardware these companies need to operate in a royalty exchange model. However, without a clear brand strategy, Baseline Hardware required a message that would directly express their mission while highlighting their value to HaaS companies who could benefit from their hardware financing solutions.

white triangle logo overlaid on cyan photo of computer hardware

Our Deliverables

  • Messaging and Positioning

  • Cap Raise Deck

  • Brand Development

  • Client Video

  • Sales Materials

  • Email Template

  • Website Development

Their Results

Our team of graphic designers and brand strategists worked together to forge a new brand that communicated their value in a story that attracted investor attention. Baseline Hardware needed to reposition themselves with clarity and authority. As a result, our team of Brand Champions devised a value proposition that directly conveyed their mission. To communicate their value and elevate the brand experience, we developed a pitch deck, a cap raise deck, a new website, and a feature video for the home page highlighting the founders message to help businesses accelerate sales and boost value with hardware financing. With the help of our deck builds, website build, and our market positioning strategy, Baseline Hardware Financing was able to raise $25M in outside funding that will allow them to further expand their business and prosper in their market space.

digital rendering of website layouts
baseline hardware website layout
baseline hardware website layout

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