The Challenge

Advanced Assembly, a company that assembles prototypes and printed circuit boards (PCBs), needed a messaging platform that united their customer base in a unique brand experience. With our guidance, we sought to forge a brand experience powered by velocity, one that navigated and resolved the customer’s needs before they even know they’re present.

white cheetah illustration on a yellow background with circuitry overlay

Our Deliverables

  • Strategic Messaging and Positioning

  • Brand Refresh

  • Campaign Development
  • Updated Color Palette

  • Updated Messaging

  • Updated Graphics

  • Website Development

Their Results

We utilized our proprietary Achieve Anything Plan (AAP) in conjunction with a brand audit to facilitate a total rebrand for the company. In collaboration, we identified Advanced Assembly’s target market – engineers and project managers who value experience, efficiency and high quality – and crafted messaging, design elements, and new branded deliverables to reinforce their position as the solution-driven industry pioneers. With new branding and marketing deliverables, Advanced Assembly was able to forge a recognizable brand and generate a sales increase of over 15%.

digital rendering of website layouts
collection of printed brochures
example of employee id badge with lanyard

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