The COVID-19 pandemic has brought much into discussion for the future of our country, businesses, families, and personal lives. As news develops surrounding the circumstances of the coronavirus, business leaders grapple with strategies to keep their companies running while maintaining the health of their employees, clients, and self. And as we embark upon the next few weeks, we’re doing our part at Brand Iron to maintain a responsibility to our employees, clients, and our community. We’ve enacted a work from home policy for all of our employees, but we’re still open for business during our regular hours of operation from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM MDT. If you need to reach us, please contact us by emailing, messaging us via social media, or by calling (303) 534-1901. We wish everyone good luck, and we look forward to rising up together, stronger than ever with our community.

In the meantime, less personal interaction is a reality that most businesses are sure to face during the next few weeks, and without a strategy to ensure your brand experience remains consistent, you could find your business in harm’s way. For some businesses, adopting a digital approach to the work balance is an easy transition as they ask their employees to work from home, however, for others, finding out how to keep cash flow running with less foot traffic in the door is a challenge that could put them in jeopardy. Cafés, restaurants, stores, car dealerships, real estate brokers, fitness clubs, and many more types of businesses will face this challenge, but they don’t have to let it overcome them. Businesses should consider their current marketing strategies and identify potential concerns that may contribute to the spread of COVID-19. As we look to limit the number of gatherings, it may be necessary to reschedule certain events, promotions, or offerings in order to uphold an ethical responsibility to our communities and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Although we’re faced with the harsh reality of this pandemic, we’re fortunate to be a part of a digital age where communication and personal interaction are available in many different forms. Technology makes it easy to stay connected to your clientele and your greater community while ensuring you provide them with an exceptional brand experience during the next few weeks. We’ve already seen amazing innovation amongst businesses across the country, taking the steps necessary to ensure that life doesn’t stop for people stuck inside their homes and they receive the supplies they need. Restaurants and delivery apps have paired together to increase delivery service, communicating with customers through apps and text messages, as well as providing an option to have deliveries dropped-off without personal interaction. Grocery stores have swiftly adopted policies that limit toilet paper hoarding to ensure all customers receive the supplies they need. And multiple businesses have begun communicating with their customers via email, social media, and video chat to promote social distancing while keeping their community informed of developments.

Communicating with your clients and maintaining satisfaction are vital parts of a good brand experience, but great brand experiences venture to exceptional lengths to provide employees and clients the attention and service they need. Although we don’t know what these next few weeks will hold, we’ve put together some strategies and ideas that are sure to help your business elevate its brand experience during this time.

  • Email Marketing
    • Utilizing your email lists and marketing efforts to communicate business changes and keep your customers informed. Keep them engaged with your brand by providing them content, alerting them to promotions, and asking for feedback so you can better meet their needs.
  • Video Content
    • Video content still remains the most effective content online, and during this time, videos can provide a great way for you to keep your audience engaged in what you’re doing. Gyms and fitness clubs can provide customers with custom workout routines to get fit at home. Clothing stores can display their new clothes and styles in interactive try-on videos. And brands can use video to create informative, engaging content that relates to their audience. More people will be inside during this time, and making sure your brand experience is catered to their media consumption will help you keep your brand relevant.
  • Social Media Management
    • During this time, make sure you’re listening to your followers and answering their questions. Your social channels are a powerhouse for customer service and community. Despite the isolation, social media can give you the perfect place to unite people with discussion. Use livestreams to give your brand a personal touch and engage your audience in real-time. Conduct polls to gain valuable feedback. And publish content that keeps people informed of what’s coming next.
  • Video Calls
    • We understand that some businesses require personal appointments, and for those moments that require a more personal touch, video calls are great for supplementing personal interaction. Real estate brokers can use them to show virtual tours of properties. Professionals can conduct meetings without running the risk of shaking hands. Unless physical presence is absolutely necessary, video calls can help you effectively bridge the gap of digital communication in most circumstances.

These next few weeks will be a crucial time for retaining your customers and staying in the forefront of their minds. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to create a Brand Experience. Define your brand and give your customers an experience that forges a lasting impression. Contact us today.