At Brand Iron, we hang our hats on Brand Experience (BX). From brand development to marketing implementation, we have the technology and the expertise to help our clients achieve their goals with measurable results. A brand experience encompasses the full scope of interaction and service a customer has with your business. It can cause them to relate certain emotions to your business. It can spur them into action. And it can help your business create a dedicated following. Brand experiences used to be thought of as live interactions, when a customer walks into a business to the point they walk out the door, but in the modern landscape of brand building and digital marketing, great brand experiences encompass many touchpoints of a customer’s journey.

Brand experience exists across every medium of interaction between your brand and customers. And ultimately, brand experience is determined by any factor that may influence a customer’s engagement with your business. Some of the most common influencers of brand experience may include:

  • The Sales Pipeline
  • Your Customer Service Department
  • Customer Interaction and Communication
    • Over the Phone
    • Through Email
    • In-Person
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Content Creation
    • Social Media
    • Blogs/ Articles
    • Emails
    • Videos
    • Newsletters/ Magazines
  • Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Online User Experience (UX)
    • Web Navigation
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Readability
  • Email Marketing
  • Live Events

Regardless of the medium or engagement, the driving factor behind every brand experience is connection, and the way you achieve stronger connections is through relatability and personalization. It’s no longer enough for brands to just have distinguishable identities. They need to adapt their formats to cater to the customer’s journey. Brand experiences provide brands with the opportunity to humanize themselves and make the customer the hero of every interaction. Personalized interactions with brands make it more likely for a customer to feel like they’re seen, heard, and understood. Modern examples of this look like personalized emails, branded apps, live customer support online and much more.

Consider the brand experience that your business has cultivated and how it looks to your clients. How do your Brand Champions elevate the client’s experience through every interaction? Are you providing an experience that informs clients and helps manage their expectations of what you’re offering? After you’ve finalized the transaction, was the client satisfied with the job done? Considering your audience’s needs is the first step to establishing credibility and trust. Asking your clients how you can improve shows that you value their business and helps you identify pain points in your operations. It also gives you the means to lay the foundation for a working relationship.

Brands that are able to foster connection become bigger entities than just a business. They unite people across a common passion, inspire movement, and create a sense of community tied to the experience provided. Don’t settle for a branding strategy that just allows your business to simply survive. Create an experience that grows your herd.

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