It’s no secret that effective branding requires a comprehensive approach to build community, gain customers, and receive a return on your investment. Part of that approach requires effective content marketing. Great content showcases your brand’s progress, highlights new developments, and attracts engagements from your customers. Think about the things that your audience will find important. What news is relevant to their needs? What mediums of entertainment does your audience spend time on? As you ask questions surrounding your audience’s needs, you’ll begin to devise a framework for an effective content marketing strategy. Here are a few tips to guide you along with your content creation.

Conduct Case Studies
Case studies can help establish your business as an industry authority while providing news for your readers. Highlight your business’s products and how you achieved it. Back your claims up with statistics and reviews. Evidence backed data helps build credibility and it can highlight pain points you may not have otherwise discovered. And most importantly, share what you learned with your audience.

Recycle Posts
At times, it can be difficult to come up with content, especially if nothing is currently going on in your business that can be geared towards content. In these moments, having a content bank or folder can be extremely handy. Try looking back to your older posts and recycle the ones that were popular. If needed, update the posts with new information and reshare them to stay fresh in your audience’s mind.

Get Feedback
Find inspiration for engaging content by going directly to the source. Host a poll, ask your readers what they would like to know, or gain feedback on their experience with your brand. This will generate creative thinking, involve your audience in your community, and build engagements!

Review a Product
Product reviews can help establish authority and trust with your readers. Ask influencers to review your products, or host your own product review. Product reviews are a great way to generate conversation, discover pain points, and ensure people know about your business.

Share Successes and Failures
Show your readers how your company got to where it is today and what lessons you’ve learned. Be honest about your business’s successes or failures and share them with your audience. Honesty opens up a line of genuine communication that fosters community with your audience, in turn, making them feel like they’re a part of the brand.

Connect with your customers and grow your community with messaging and positioning that’s true to your brand’s values.


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